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Sunday, 5 May 2013

New Black Swan and Fallen Angel shoot.

New shoot of Amanda for Black Swan and Fallen Angel. This version, 'Blue Angel', will be followed up by others from the shoot featured in the Portrait/Fashion section.
Make-up by Paula John-Jules. See her Facebook page for her own beautiful images.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

New old work

Currently adding many old images never previously shared. Take a look and share some comments if you're interested. Also I will be adding new images undertaken with Creative Capture for various events - see the websites: and
If you wish to contact me see my Facebook pages: Neil Onslow and Neil Onslow Photography, or via Linkedin.
My next major undertaking is for a forthcoming group exhibition at the PM Gallery in the summer on the theme of perception entitled 'Alice'. My intention is to explore the notion of the mirror image and how we never actually perceive ourselves through the mirror as others do. So the relationship between what we imagine in the mirror and what we portray to the world can be quite different. My intention is to portray individuals viewing themselves in the mirror and seeing their reflection as their 'other' self. If you are interested in this idea and would like to take part please contact me.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Keep an eye out for new images being added all the time.

Hi I’m Neil Onslow, welcome to my photography blog. I’m a professional photographer and university lecturer based in Twyford in Berkshire and London, England. In this blog you’ll see a cross-section of work produced over a number of years, some professional commissions and others just for fun. My photography covers a complete cross-section of practice from my own interests in photography relating to memory and identity, through to people, places and things. My fascination with people means I photograph them formally and informally – sometimes in the studio or on location; sometimes formal portraits, weddings and events, or just for fun. If you would like to discuss my work you can contact me through Facebook (Neil Onslow or Neil Onslow Photography) or just leave a comment here. Alternatively you can find me through Linkedin, Model Mayhem or the British Institute of Professional Photography website ( 
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